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Frequently Asked Questions & Expectations of you as a student

Q) How long will it take to get on to shows?

A) It depends on your ability combined with how much effort you put in to improving on your work. There isn't a set time, we've had 1 trainee be on a show after 9 months training and another who worked for 2 years before getting booked on a show. 

Have respect for the lessons. You get 3 hours (more if the ring goes up and packed away quickly) of training in a ring for just £10! Help with the ring, learn how it gets built and taken down. 

Safety 1st! We have mixed abilities in the class and will always ensure you're comfortable before taking part in a drill. For your part be honest with us when you're not comfortable or aren't yet ready to attempt something! There's no pressure, safety comes 1st.


Most Fridays

Christ Church Hall
Crown Hill, Rayleigh, SS6 7HA

  • 6-10 PM 
  • Ages 12 and up
  • Just £10

No training on days when we have a show or a ring hire on.

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