WrestleForce presents: Revenge

WrestleForce presents: Revenge September 21st 2014, The Broadway Theatre, Barking 

WrestleForce Revenge Sunday September 21st – The Barking Broadway Theatre Charlie Garratt def. Voodoo After the contest, Garratt took the microphone from the voice of WF, Jake Pugh, and claimed that after pinning Mason Reece at the last show in tag team action, he deserved a shot at the International Championship. The International Champion, Mason Reece, hit the ring and told Garratt that he was not worthy of a title shot but seeing as he was ready to go, he was willing to let him have his chance at the belt "right now..." Right as that was said fellow Cult member, Mr Andrews, jumped Garratt from behind and unleashed a brutal attack right before the bell sounded for the impromptu match. Although Garrett showed some tremendous resilience by kicking out and staying alive, it was quickly lights out for Garratt as Reece locked in his submission causing him to pass out. Afterwards, The Cult proceeded to put a beat down upon Charlie Garratt until Josh Faulkner and the Zulu Warrior made the save. Warrior took the microphone and told Reece that in the main event he'd have nowhere to run and hide as he'd be officially putting the WF International Championship on the line against him in the main event of the evening. The Pastor def. Chuck Mambo The crowd took a great liking to the good hearted and positive Mambo who had them chanting 'Hey ho Mambo!' and counting along to his Mambo number Five flurry of kicks! But The Pastor was able to put Mambo away with his Crucifix Powerbomb! Josh Faulkner def. Mr Andrews This was Josh Faulkner's toughest test since his debut as he took on the undefeated powerhouse! Mr. Andrews was an intimidating and imposing opponent, but with the support of the crowd on his side Josh stayed with it and kicked out of every punishing move Mr. Andrews hit him with! After making a spirited comeback Josh was able to topple The Cult's most deadly asset with a cross body off the top rope for the big victory! Oh Yes! WrestleForce Tag Team Championship match The Magnums (c) def. The Peace Kids 

The Peace Kids seemingly had the the tag titles won, but with the referee knocked down while Lance had 'Filthy' Chris pinned, 'Dirty' Dick Riley clogged Lance Lawrence in the head with one of the belts and pulled his unconscious partner on top of the Peace Kid to gain the winning fall and retain the tag titles. WrestleForce International Championship The Zulu Warrior def. Mason Reece (c)- NEW CHAMPION!!! A huge celebration took place after Zulu Warriors huge victory over Mason Reece. 

Now the Cult have lost all the championships in the WF, are we seeing the Cult slowly dying out? Or will they be looking for some revenge of their own and come back bigger, stronger and more powerful than ever?

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