Results from 'Unbreakable' February 7th 2015 at the Witham Public Hall

The Commando defeated Kim Son Gun.

Making his 1st appearance, the angry North Korean made quite an impression! The Commando had to battle hard through the war that was unleashed upon him, but with the lovely Commander Katrina cheering her man on at ringside, the Canadian soldier pulled through to the delight of the crowd!

Paul McSherry defeated The Bull by disqualification.

The two power houses went at it and for 10 intense minutes pummeled each other with great intensity until Paul McSherry managed to convince the referee that the Belgium Bull had given him a low blow which promoted the disqualification! Loud boos rained down from the packed out hall.

Black Belt' Tom Dawkins defeated Voodoo.

In the battle of martial arts vs black magic, Tom amazed the audience with his incredible maneuvers! Not to be outdone, Voodoo also impressed with his agility, but it would prove to be his undoing when Tom flipped him off the top rope and managed to kick his way to victory!

In tag team action the 2nd generation superstar, Danny Morocco, teamed with Italian Dan, who came to the ring drinking an espresso! The colourful combination of Peace and Insanico, Peace-Sanico, managed to capitalize on their opponent's team breaking down after Dan caught his own partner with one of his patented slaps. A double stunner later and Peace-Sanico emerged victorious.

The Zulu Warrior defeated Phil Powers to retain the WF International Championship! There were loud cries of 'Essex!' as the hometown veteran unloaded on the champion! On more than one occasion it looked like we would see a new champion crowned, but in the end The Zulu Warrior managed to pull through. Is there anyone who can beat him for the title?

The Bull won the Witham Battle Royal! It came down to The Bull and his foe from earlier in the evening, Paul McSherry. The boxer from Milton Keynes spent a considerable amount of time sitting in the audience and just watching the Rumble with his sunglasses on! He then picked his moment and ended up hitting The Bull with an incredible F5! But The Bull was able to prevail and avenge his loss from earlier in the evening!

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