Heavyweight House of Pain' Stixx defeated Josh Faulkner.

After the middle rope came loose while Stixx was standing on it, the writer isn't in anyway suggesting it was Stixx's weight that caused this incident, WrestleForce official, Sid Manelli, was busy assisting with a makeshift repair which enabled Stixx to expose a turnbuckle and slam Josh's head in to it for the pinfall victory.

'Lightning' Lewis Howley defeated The Punjabi Prince to retain the WrestleForce Sportsman Championship

Announcer Stuart Lake informed the audience of the nature of this belt, which Lewis won from Ryan Albright in Leighton Buzzard last weekend, before introducing legendary referee, and senior WrestleForce official, Mal Mason.

Just as Stuart had described, this was a match predicated on good sportsmanship and competition for the sake of competition. Lewis and the Punjabi Prince competitively went at it with a lot of technical maneuvers, reminiscent of the World of Sports days.

In the end Lewis Howley retained the belt with a skilfully acquired pinfall. But the two shook hands afterwards and even danced together to the delight of the audience.

Oliver Peace & TK Cooper defeated Bully Boy Carter and ''The Prodigy'' Paul Malen

After an intermission with a speedy and efficient fixing of the rope (again, no suggestions it came loose as a result of anyone's weight) an all action, fast paced tag team match was underway!

TK Cooper used his evasiveness and technique to counter Bully and Malen's underhanded tactics and remained in control, tagging in and out with Peace to hit some fancy double team moves.

The Bullies were able to take control and put a beating on Peace! But as the crowd kept up their chants of 'Oli Oli Oli, Oi Oi Oi!!!' Ollie Peace was wiled on and eventually tagged in TK. Before long the two took control and managed to hit a double team cross body on Paul Malen for the crowd pleasing victory!

Commander Heidi Katrina defeated Mr. USA

Mr. USA put out an open challenge, but not before slagging off the people of Essex and even singing the star spangled banner! It was as torturous as it sounds, but mercifully the lovely Commando Katrina stepped up to the plate and accepted this arrogant superstar's challenge.Mr. USA's arrogance might have cost him as Katrina was able to hit a spear and hold him down for just 3 seconds, but that was all that was needed for this very gusty win!

Mr. USA took the mic and vowed to never return again, which unlike his appalling singing, was music to the people of Rayleigh's ears!The Zulu Warrior defeated Voodoo to retain the WrestleForce International Championship.In a rematch from last week's Halloween special in Tamworth, Voodoo and The Zulu Warrior once again slugged it out in an epic heavyweight encounter!

Though Halloween season is over, Voodoo was as powerful as he's ever been and put the International Champion, of 14 months, to the limit! The Zulu Warrior even busted out a dive to the outside to try and regain control!Voodoo threw his powder in to Zulu's face, while the ref was distracted removing his.... Voodoo doll that he carries, and hit a chokeslam, but The Zulu Warrior was able to kick out and subsequently was able to comeback and hit his Zulu splash for the victory!Many thanks to the people of Rayleigh for being a part of our first show in Rayleigh! We can't wait to return on January 3rd.

Festival Fury
Leighton Buzzard