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League of Champions 2014

League of Champions 2014

'The Morning Star'Sirius defeated Peace to advance to the finals of the 2014 League of Champions.

The Whizz Kids defeated The London Riots to advance to the semi finals of the WF tag Team Tournament.

The Commando defeated The Warden to advance to the finals of the 2014 League of Champions

Erin Angel defeated Laura Cruz to retain the WF Women's Championship

The Rage & Johnny Storm vs Jynx & Voodoo ended in a double DQ to create a bye for the semi finals in the Tag Team Tournament

'The Morning Star' Sirius defeated The Commando to win the 2014 League of Champions and earn himself a World title match at Revenge

Survival Sunday
A New Age 2014


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Thursday, 21 January 2021
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