Mark Trew with a jumping knee strike on Connor Mills

Unbreakable Mark Trew WrestleForce

Mark Trew dressing up as Markia Trew in a bid to win the Women's Championship!

Unbreakable Mark Trew WrestleForce

Originally Kung Fu Mark Trew, Mark incorporated his Martial Arts training in to his wrestling style and had a very eventful run from 2017-2018 when he suffered a broken collar bone injury.

Returning after just 3 months in February of 2019, Mark returned as Unbreakable: Mark Trew and formed a tag team with Kieron Lacey!

While having come close to capturing the WrestleForce tag team championships with Kieron, Mark has also come close to capturing the WrestleForce International Championship in a tremendous effort against Connor Mills.

Destined for great things, you'll likely see Mark Trew having great success on the upcoming WrestleForce events.

Mark Trew with a knee strike on his tag partner, and sometimes opponent, Kieron Lacey!

mark Trew Wrestle Force